Dog Boarding

So, something unexpected has popped up and you have to go away for a couple of days. Or, you’re planning a holiday and you can’t take your dog with you. You’re now faced with a question that many pet owners ask themselves: Who’s going to look after my dog while I’m away? Luckily, there are several great pet care solutions available to you and your furry friend. But which option is best suited to your pet? Dog home boarding? Dog boarding with a host family? The kennels? Read on to find out more about all the different dog boarding options.

Dog Boarding

Who Can Board My Dog?

Finding someone to take care of your dog while you’re away is an excellent idea. It’s a very flexible dog sitting solution that has lots of benefits compared to traditional dog hotels, dog daycares or kennels. You might, however, be wondering who can board your dog? Can you ask a friend or family member? Or is it better to hire a dog sitter? Find all the answers to your questions in our article "Who can board my dog?"

How to Find Dog Boarding Near Me?

For some people, the number 1 criterion for great pet sitting is convenience. Fortunately, these days, the internet makes it easy to find all the best dog boarding facilities in your area, no matter whether you’re looking to board your dog at the kennels or find a new dog sitter. Discover all the tips and tricks for finding the best dog boarding near you in our article.

What is Dog Home Boarding?

If your dog has a nervous temperament, you might prefer to have them looked after in the comfort of your own home. This is where dog home boarding comes into play. If you opt for in-home dog boarding, a dog sitter will come to stay at your house to look after your dog while you’re gone. It’s a great solution that allows your four-legged friend to stay safe and comfortable in their surroundings without disturbing their daily routine.

Can I Board My Dog with a Host Family?

Boarding your dog with a host family is another great pet care option if dog home boarding isn’t possible or you’d prefer not to have guests stay at your house. Maybe traditional dog kennels just aren’t right for you either. In this case, boarding your dog at the pet sitter’s home is the best way to make sure that your dog is happy and well taken care of while you’re away. Rest assured, all Holidog pet sitters are real animal lovers who will take the utmost care of your pet.

Can I Board My Dog with My Relatives?

If you don’t want to leave your pooch at the kennels and hiring a dog sitter or boarding your dog with a host family just doesn’t feel right, then why not ask your family or friends for help? Boarding your dog with relatives has several advantages. Most importantly, you already know the person well, so chances are that your dog knows them well too. This makes leaving your pet much less of an issue, as they’re less likely to feel upset or anxious while you’re away. Plus, it’s much cheaper!


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What are Dog Boarding Kennels?

Dog kennels, often referred to colloquially as the kennels, are facilities with a team of staff that accommodate dogs for a few days or weeks at a time while their owners are away. (A boarding kennel which only accepts cats is known as a cattery.) The kennels come in very handy when you can’t find a pet sitter or relative to help you out. You can find dog boarding kennels all over England. They range in price and function, from basic to luxurious, and will provide for all your dog’s needs in your absence, i.e. food, shelter, exercise, and activities. If you’re considering using a boarding kennel for your furry friend, read more in our article "Dog Boarding in a Kennel".

How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost?

The price of dog boarding can vary greatly depending on your location, the service required, the duration of your trip, and the size or breed of your dog. The cost of boarding your dog overnight with a host family will be more than a day at dog daycare or simply hiring a dog walker, for example. Find out more about the costs involved with dog boarding here.

How to Start a Dog Boarding Business?

Do you love animals? Do you want to become a pet sitter? Maybe you’ve even decided to start your own dog boarding business? That’s a great idea! If you’re all set up to welcome pets into your home, you might be wondering whether there are any legal requirements for dog boarding. What are the rules and regulations? In the UK, you have to apply to the local council for a dog boarding licence in order to offer dog boarding services in your home. Learn what’s involved with the licensing application for your dog boarding licence here.

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Types of dog boarding services near you

There are several options available near you if you’re considering boarding your dog while you’re away. The trick is to find the one that works best for your dog and that fits your budget. Not all dogs are comfortable staying with other dogs, especially if they’re shy or disabled. Remember to think carefully about the options before booking.

Dog boarding at someone else’s house

If you can, why not turn to someone close to you? Your family, friends or a neighbour may be happy to keep an eye on your pet while you are away. Entrusting your dog to someone you know is usually the easiest option and you don´t need to worry about a stranger coming into your home. It also makes things easier for your dog as he probably already knows the person.

Dog boarding with a host family

If you can’t have someone you know to come to your house and take care of your pet while you’re away, if you’re not feeling comfortable with having a stranger live at your place during your absence or if a kennel doesn’t feel right for you, then dog boarding with a host family near you is what you need! Your pet will live with and will be looked after by an experienced pet sitter. But remember to start looking for the right person as soon as you can.

Dog boarding in your house

Provided you’re comfortable with having someone you do not know live in your house while you’re away, this is the best option. Nothing changes for your dog: same habits, same routine, same familiar places. In-home dog boarding is a good option to consider if your dog is shy, has special needs or doesn’t get on well with other pets.

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