Dog Walking

The concept of dog walking services sounds simple: someone comes to your house to take your dog out when you can’t do it yourself. But did you know all the services that are available? Dog walkers can do much more than taking your dog for a stroll.

Dog Walking

Who can walk my dog?

No matter the size, dogs need to go out everyday - and some of them, several times a day. When life gets in your way and you can’t take your dog out, you have to look for someone to do it for you. Here’s how you can find and book the best dog walker. There are different ways to find and book a trustworthy pet sitter even at the last-minute.

Dog walkers near me

Something just popped up. Your plans have changed. You have to stay longer in the office to finish a job. Whatever the reason may be, you can’t be home to take your dog out: it happens. Luckily, there are a variety of options available to you when looking for a dog walking service near you.

Dog walks near me

Bored of walking up and down the same streets with your dog everyday? It doesn’t have to be this way. With miles and miles of trails all across the UK, lots of dog-friendly parks and urban gems just waiting to be discovered, taking your dog out can turn into a real treat for both you and your furry friend.

Dog walking app

A dog walking app is a very convenient way to connect dog parents with individuals who are available to walk your dog when you can’t do it yourself. Dog owners have access to hundreds of profiles and can book and pay for a walk straight through the app.

Dog walking jobs

Offering dog walking or dog sitting services is a dream job for any dog lover that has some spare time, likes to earn some extra cash and loves flexibility! But what does the job consist of and more importantly, how do you find dog walking jobs?

Dog walking insurance

Even with the best of care and attention, accidents can happen. A dog in your care gets hit by a car or bites someone. Or the fun time outdoors leads to an injury. There is no way to predict when things may go wrong. That’s why having the right dog walking insurance is essential to protect yourself from any financial liability.


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How much do dog walkers near me charge?

Prices for dog walking vary depending on several things: make sure you go carefully through the rates before the service starts, especially if you have special requirements. The size of your dog, your exact location, the walk’s duration and the day of the week can all influence the price you will pay.

Prices for dog walking in London are usually higher than in other areas of the UK. Bigger breeds that need a lot of exercise are also more expensive than their smaller compatriots. The same goes for booking early morning walks or during typical vacation times. Of course, the longer the walk, the higher the costs, and the same goes for a highly experienced dog walker.

Taking all of the aforementioned variables into account, you can usually expect to pay between £10 and £15 per walk.

What is included in a dog walking service?

Dog walking usually lasts for 30 minutes. You can ask for shorter or longer walks depending on your dog’s needs and physical abilities. The dog walker is expected to:

  • Come and fetch your dog at the agreed time
  • Walk your dog in the agreed area (this can be the one you’re used to or one you’ve agreed on with the dog walker)
  • Engage with your dog to make its time out fun and enjoyable
  • Never take your dog off the lead unless agreed
  • Bring your dog home at the agreed time and inform you immediately if anything requires your attention
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Where can I find dog walking jobs?

With 9.9 million dogs in the UK, the demand for dog walking services is high - especially in big cities like London, Leeds or Glasgow. Lets have a look at how to land dog walking jobs.

Local Ads

The first thing that you can consider is putting an ad in local shops. Pet shops, dog-friendly cafes, dog daycares, kennels, vets, dog hotels or even your local pastry shop: your potential clients are out there! Create an attractive ad, indicate clearly the services you offer, your availability and your rates. Don’t forget to include your contact details like a phone number or email address.

Specialised companies

There are several online platforms in the Uk where people who want to offer dog walking services or dog boarding can advertise themselves. Holidog, the number one pet sitting platform in the UK, is a good place to start.

Register yourself on their website and indicate that you are available for dog walking jobs. Spend some time creating the most attractive profile as possible in order to stand out in the crowd. Mention any previous experiences with dog walking, the type of dogs you’re able to take care of, your exact location and your rates.

Be prepared to be asked a few (or a lot of) questions by dog parents. Most will also want to meet you in person to work out the last details such as the route and the duration. At the same time, it’s a good opportunity for you to ask questions about the dog you’ll be walking.

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