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Are you a new pet owner and wondering how to find a great local pet sitter for your furry friend? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn all you need to know about pet sitters.

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What is a Pet Sitter?

A pet sitter is someone who looks after pets when their owners can’t. For example, if you’re going on holiday or out of town for a work trip, a pet sitter will provide for all your pet’s needs in your absence, i.e. food, shelter, exercise, and activities. But can just anyone become a pet sitter? Is there training involved? What type of animals do pet sitters care for - dogs, cats, or both? What type of services do pet sitters offer? Which pet sitting services best suit you and your pet? What are the important things to take into account when looking for the perfect pet sitter? Find the answers to all these questions and more in our article "Pet Sitter: How it works".

What Services do Holidog Pet Sitters Offer?

When it comes to pet sitting, there are a few different options to choose from: dog boarding, cat boarding, dog walking, cat visits... the list goes on! Perhaps you’re only going to be gone for the day and just need someone to pop in on your cat or take your dog for a walk. Maybe you’d like someone to house sit and care for your pet while you take that well-deserved holiday. Or you have a very sociable pooch on your hands and you’d like to board them overnight with a host family while you’re gone. The choice is yours! Here at Holidog, we offer a range of pet sitting services adapted to your needs. Check out our article to discover all the different pet sitter services Holidog has to offer.

In the UK, the official kennel club is The Kennel Club (KC). It is the oldest recognised kennel club in the world, with over 1,700 members and 218 recognised breeds. The organisation is active in promoting, protecting and registering dogs across the UK. KC also acts as an educational centre that offers resources to dog owners, vets and people working with dogs.

How Do I Find a Good Pet Sitter Near Me?

Thanks to Holidog, it's never been easier to find a great pet sitter near you. Simply enter your postcode and the dates of your trip into our online search tool to browse our database of local pet sitters. Everything you need to know—availability, prices, location, previous client reviews—is displayed clearly on each pet sitter’s profile. Holidog takes pride in working with conscientious, reliable animal lovers who are all manually screened and approved by our team to guarantee a high-quality pet sitting service every time.


Free chat and search with Petsitters near you. Unlimited. No subscription required!

How Much Does a Pet Sitter Cost?

The cost of using a pet sitter varies depending on several factors, such as the pet sitter’s experience level, the location, the service requested, and the duration of the stay. There may also be additional pet sitter costs for things like travel (if your pet sitter travels to your house), pet food (unless provided by you), or extra services like dog walking, pet grooming, and administering medication. All our pet sitters’ rates are clearly displayed on their profiles to make it easy for pet owners to find the perfect sitter for their budget.

Do I Need Pet Sitter Insurance?

Booking a pet sitter is a great way to keep your pet happy and healthy while you’re away. But who covers the vet bills if an accident happens or your pet gets sick in your absence? What if your pooch breaks something or accidentally hurts someone? This is where pet sitter insurance comes into play. Read our article to find out all about the various types of pet sitter insurance and why it’s always a good idea to be covered.

How Do I Become a Pet Sitter?

Are you a student or retiree with free time on your hands? Or perhaps your job allows you to work from home and you’d like to supplement your salary while enjoying some animal company? Either way, if you’re looking to earn some extra cash and you have a real passion for animals, why not become a pet sitter or dog walker? Thanks to Holidog, you can set your own schedule and rates and choose the pet sitting jobs that suit you. Sign up as a Holidog pet sitter to start the process today!

The Holivet guarantee covers your animal at 100% in case of an accident.
100% special veterinary guarantee

The UK's 6 biggest pet sitting accounts on Facebook

Who never had to find someone to look after their cat or dog? Pet sitting companies have become increasingly popular all over the Internet. We've mapped out the UK's six largest pet sitting communities on Facebook, so you know who to get in touch with next time you have to go away without your beloved furball.

#1 Holidog with over 1.5 million followers, European pet sitting champion!

Holidog is one of the leading pet sitting service in the UK. The company was founded in 2006. It has been growing steadily ever since and has now become the undisputed market leader with a staggering 1.6 million followers. Their #1 position rewards the quality of the services the company offers, their dedicated petsitters, and their unparalleled love of animals.

Thousands of pet parents use Holidog every day to find a trusted pet sitter near them. All it takes is a few clicks. Whether pet owners are looking for pet sitting, home boarding, house sitting, dog walking, or cat visit, Holidog has it all to meet their pet's needs.

At Holidog, pet sitters are first and foremost pet lovers. They will go above and beyond to take care of your cat, your dog, your horse, or even your fish (yes, that's you, Nemo!). Booking a pet sitting service through Holidog gives pet parents extra peace of mind, knowing their four-legged friend will be loved, pampered, and well taken care of while they're away.

Are you looking for a pet sitting job? Becoming a pet sitter with Holidog is easy. All you need is to create your profile that will then be reviewed. Once approved, you can set up your rates and add all the pieces of information pet parents need to know about you. Unlike many competitors, Holidog takes ZERO commission on its pet sitters' rates!

#2 Rover UK - 933,000 followers

Rover UK is a subsidiary of American pet sitting company It acts as an online marketplace and as a broker to connect pet sitters with pet parents. The company was founded in 2011, and it operates in 7 countries. The pet sitting services are identical to those offered by Holidog: pet sitting at home or home boarding, dog walking, cat visit. Services are available all across the UK. Just like Holidog, Rover UK also offers its users to become petsitters, but the commission retained by the company can be as high as 20%!

#3 Trusted Housesitters - 238,500 followers

TrustedHousesitters is a global marketplace that is a little different to Holidog. Its goal is to connect pet parents and pet-loving travelers to offer in-home pet sitting while keeping an eye on the owner's house while he's away.

Trusted Housesitters offers no other pet sitting services per se. It is truly an exchange of services. The pet sitter stays for free in the owner's house while taking care of the pets and the home. As such, there are no fixed fees. Instead, both the owner and the pet sitter have to purchase a yearly plan priced at £99 that gives access to unlimited sits and pet care.

#4 PawShake - 120,000 followers

PawShake is a platform founded in 2013 that connects pet owners with local pet sitters. It works in the same way as Holidog and offers the same type of dog sitting services (dog boarding, dog daycare, home visit, dog walking, house sitting) all across the UK. Unlike Holidog, though, the pet sitting services offered are exclusively for dogs, and PawShake takes up to 19% of their pet sitters' rates.

Holidog : Pet Sitter near me

#5 Holidays4Dogs - 67,000 followers

Holidays4Dogs was founded in 2006 and offers home boarding services for dogs all across the UK. The company operates through a network of local carers. Dog owners can search for a pet sitter near them and book the dates online. The services offered are solely for dogs and only for dog boarding in the carer's home. On top of the daily pet sitting fee, dog parents have to pay for all reasonable expenses incurred by the pet sitter.

#6 Gudog - 16,000 followers

Gudog is a pet sitting platform that aims to connect dog parents with dog-sitters. Available on a website and a mobile app, Gudog operates throughout the UK as well as in Ireland, France, Germany, and Spain. The pet sitting services offered are strictly for dogs and range from dog daycare to dog walking and dog boarding. Gudog takes a 10% service fee on each booking accepted by their dog sitters and a 15% commission on each booking made by dog parents.

Why book a pet sitting service?

Booking a pet sitting service for your furball gives you extra peace of mind when you have to be away. Pet sitting is a far better option than kennels and catteries as it allows your pet to stay in the comfort of a homely environment. You receive regular updates throughout your pet's vacations, so you know exactly how things are going. Besides, the costs of pet sitting are way lower than a kennel, a cattery, or a pet hotel!

The last few years have seen a surge in pet sitting services all over the Internet. Holidog is the #1 pet sitting company in the UK and offers quality pet sitting services at affordable prices. The perfect pet sitter for your dog or your cat is just a few clicks away!

How to find a pet sitter? Well, it can't get any easier! Just visit Holidog UK's website and enter your postcode. Indicate if your pet is a dog, a cat, or another animal and enter the dates for which you wish to book a pet sitter. Specify if you're looking for someone to take care of your pet in your own home, or if you're looking for a home boarding service. And voila! Holidog gives you access to all the available pet sitters near you at the dates you mentioned.

You can then compare the different rates and read the reviews left by other pet owners. It is strongly recommended to chat with your pet sitter and even meet him/her in person before booking. After all, you need to make sure you're happy with the person who will be taking care of your pet for you. If all goes well, all you need to do is to book your pet sitter. And you're done!

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